0 Worship Thru 1 Corinthians 1:27-29

These past few days have been a challenge in my spiritual life. It’s so hard to contemplate the right thing from wrong as certain beliefs tend to contradict another. As thoughts and reasons crossed my mind, I usually ask, so “which one is correct?”

Upon reading some news feeds on my Facebook’s timeline, a friend shared a Facebook page called “Usapang Worship” and since I’m part of a music ministry on my church, I got curious and browsed the page. I stumbled to one of their posts and saw the quote “God does not call the qualified, he qualifies the called”. To be honest, this is what I have been longing to see. I searched the web for the bible verse supporting this and I found 1 Corinthians 1:27-29.

I sometimes have doubts whether I am worthy of leading worship , or whether “the way” I lead worship is correct or acceptable to God. You see, most churches struggles on praise & worship as some doesn’t “feel” the sound of modern contemporary praise music and even say that it does not glorify God. Some church leaders, even question the hearts of the music team if they are truly worshipping God or just performing. I say that this is already a way of judging them. Like one of my co-worshipper says, “It is so hard to worship if our own church leaders questions our integrity and is not convinced of our worship because of what they think through their own personal standard”. I just told him, “we are doing this for God and not for them”….but you see, this is a negative perception based on their own personal belief and not on God’s preference. I am not saying that I am correct, but by reading the scripture above, I can say that God has a different mindset compared to most church leaders.

So let me ask those that think like this, who are we to judge? Are we really setting the standard based on what God prefers or what our church elders prefer? Is there really a right or wrong way of worship? Is a certain person qualified to be a part of the worship team because he/she follows the standard of the church leader or because he wants to use his talents in worshipping God?

If we will be so strict and conservative about our beliefs, then we are probably pushing our own personal agenda and unconsciously ignoring the purpose of another individual’s way of worship. I think its better to listen first and build a relationship with each other instead of criticizing and finding faults. I always believe in communication and acceptance of others idea. For me the reason is, not because you are the leader, you are always right and not because I am a member that I the leader should always think of me first. We should always meet halfway and seek what is actually for God because it is not about us, but it is about God.