2 Five New Roller Coasters For 2013

It’s the middle of summer, so are you the type of person who loves amusement parks and thrills? Well then, get your vocal chords ready and be sure to have an empty stomach because here is a list of some of the new roller coaster rides for 2013.


1. Full Throttle @ Six Flags – Magic Mountain, Los Angeles

Full Throttle

This is the fastest and tallest looping roller coaster in the world. The ride has 0-70 mph (approximately 113 kmh) acceleration and its loop is 160ft tall and you get to do it twice (inside and outside loop). It also has a backward launch to give you sudden intense boost as you lunge forward.

Here is a POV video to show you the feeling of excitement even by only watching it.

You can also like their Facebook page here.


2. GateKeeper @ Cedar Point – Sandusky, Ohio


This is going to be the longest wing ride roller coaster (wing ride means that the riders are positioned at both sides wherein their feet hangs through the air). The track length is 4,164ft (1.269km) and the maximum speed is 67 mph(107kmh). Riding this roller coaster will give you a very intense experience due to the turns and drops that will last for about 2 mins. and 40 sec.


Here is a POV experience of the GateKeeper.

Looking for their Facebook page? Here it is.


3. Iron Rattler @ Six Flags – San Antonio, Texas 

Iron Rattler

Yup, you are reading it right – this is a new roller coaster adapted from the old one. Modifications were made to the new Iron Rattler, from a 61-degree ft. drop to an 81-degree drop at a distance of 171 ft. (Imagine that nerve-racking experience, it is almost a vertical drop with your face forward to the ground!) It has a top speed of 70mph (112kmh) while doing an inverted barrel roll.


Here is a POV video to show you what is happening.

Just in case you want to see their Facebook Page, here is the link.


4. The Smiler @ Alton Towers – United Kingdom

The Smiler

If you happened to be in England, I’m sure you don’t want to miss a visit to one of their famous theme park – The Alton Towers. If you want to get dizzy without drinking any alcohol but instead because of just merely having a fun ride, try their new roller coaster called The Smiler. It has a 14 loop ride and a 30 meter drop with a max speed of 53mph(85kmh) that will certainly not only blow your brains out but also your stomach! Added to it’s features were some effects that will manipulate your mind and instincts. I guess after riding this roller coaster, you will see the reflection of “The Joker” in you when you look at the mirror.


Here is a POV video for you guys to give you an idea.

Here is their Facebook page to check on some other stuff you might want to see.


5. Gold Striker @ California’s Great America – Santa Clara, CA

Gold Striker

This is a wooden roller coaster and is the tallest and fastest for its kind. Get your hands in the air and be sure to absorb the intense 103.3 ft. drop going through a tunnel and some 80 degree bankings and ride twist along the way. This is a 2 min and 30 sec thrill ride that will surely make your heart stop.


Here is a POV video to give you a taste of the experience.

You might also want to check their Facebook page here.

2 Things To Consider Doing On Your First Date

I have been out of the dating scene for quite some time now, it’s because I already found my significant other and so I don’t have any reason at all to be looking for one. So this time around, I want to share with you guys(the dudes!!!) some ideas I have done when I was still dating and looking. I don’t consider myself a love guru nor a Casanova or even a “chick magnet” when I was still single, I am just an ordinary guy who wants to woo and leave a positive  impression to get that second date. Just to give you a heads up, these are all my personal thoughts and it is up to you guys if you will follow it or disregard it. Here are some things to consider doing on your first date:


  • Plan on where to go.

There are lots of places to go during your first date but let me ask you this, are you sure it is the right one? You would also have to consider some things like, time of your date, the type of person that you will be dating(at least have an idea of her likes and dislikes).


Let me give you some more ideas on this factor:


Coffee Date 1. Go to coffee shops like Starbucks, Coffee Bean, etc.

I doubt that someone would like to have a date early in the morning but this place works any time and all the time. This place has no pressure of impressing your date to the max and instead will give you both quality time to have a casual conversation and know each other pretty well. If ever that things don’t work out as expected, it is easy to end the date in a proper way and still remain friends. Let’s say it is a success and you get to enjoy each other’s company, having to take your date for a short walk would be the best way to do after.



Live music 2. Watch live music together.

I don’t mean to watch a live concert in a big dome or in a theater but instead watch a light, soft music like jazz or acoustic sounds in some restaurant. Usually this date happens at an early evening or late afternoon. If you can avoid a bar, much better because you don’t want to give your date the impression that you are trying to get her drunk on a first date. Soft music will set both of your moods to have a meaningful conversation and at the same time have fun relaxing. Again this setting will not give you any pressure because if ever you came to a point that you have nothing to say, there is the music to help divert her attention while you think of another thing to say.


Bowling Night - kompany vs Gaminside 3. How about playing a game like billiards or bowling.

You may think it’s not a first date material, well that’s the reason why you would want to do this option. Still don’t get it? Ok, here’s why – it’s fun, you get to have a casual conversation while knowing each other and in between pauses you get to talk about the game, and your date will always feel good because she will win whether she likes it or not.


If you will notice on my three things on where to go, it is always a factor to have no pressure and to always have fun because this will determine if she can tolerate you beside her and if you are a good company.


  • Know the things that you will say and do.

So you already have a place to go, now your concern is what will you say to keep her interested in having a conversation with you. Here is what you have to keep in mind always:


1. Never talk about yourself all the time unless she asked.

Let’s face it, most women always wants to talk about themselves and having a conversation all about you will give her the notion that you went on a date with yourself. My advice is just listen to her, give her your attention and just pitch in a few words but not be too much opinionated because you are there to have a date not to have a debate.


2. Many of you might react to this but for me, never be yourself.

I don’t mean to be a con-artist or a liar but let’s face it, it is a first date so your main purpose is to make her like you and give a good first impression to have that second date. So don’t be sloppy, lousy or self-righteous because that would definitely be a turn -off and might end your date right away.


Ice Cream Date Scene 3. Give compliments( tell her she’s nice, smart, pretty).

Everyone likes this, even you, so I don’t need to explain this except don’t overdo it. Remember – too much flattery can be a downfall for it will look insincere and fake.


4. Be spontaneous and unpredictable.

Women would want to have a date with a real person and not a robot. Choose which one will you be.


5. Don’t be too aggressive nor be too forward.

I didn’t say that be a gentleman because you will end up in the friend zone if you do this. “Just be good but not a saint” is all I can say.


6. Take initiative in taking care of the bill.

You might be surprised but some guys don’t do this. They even suggest that the girl pay the other half of the bill. This is an absolute NO-NO.


Kissing at Sunset 7. At the end of the date, always say that you had fun being with her and say Good Night, Good Day.

Try to reach out like giving a hug or kiss and never just leave her alone staring at your back after you say your goodbyes because she might think you are the one not interested for a second date. And besides, who would not like to have that gesture of affection?



So there you go, those are my tips on how to get past that first date and always remember that the date is not all about you, it is about her. Whether you like to do things your way but with regard to having a date, make it her way, besides it will only take you a few hours and you are the one who is trying to get that second date.

2 Product Review – Alesis DM6 Electronic Drumset

Being a music lover, I have a passion for playing musical instruments ever since I was a kid. For this week, I am going to write a first hand, personal review on a product I bought last February of this year over amazon.com and have been using it since then. This product is the Alesis DM6 Session Electronic Drumset. Whether you are a newbie or even a professional drummer that is looking for an affordable drumset that you want to practice on without disturbing your neighbors, then this is the product for you.

alesis boxThe Alesis DM6 Session Kit is consist of:
1.   DMPad dual-zone pad which serves as a Snare Drum.
2.   3 ProPad drum pads which serves as the three Tom Drums.
3.   3 ProPad cymbal pads ( 1 serves as Crash cymbal, 1 for Ride cymbal, 1 for the Hi-hat).
4.   On my drumset I have 2 DMHat pedals( 1 for the Hihat control and 1 for the Kickdrum control)
– Later, as you read on, I will explain the pros and con for this configuration.
5.   ProRack II Assembly with arms and clamps
6.   DM6 Module
7.   Cable Snake
8.   Drum Key
9.   Drums Sticks
10. Power  Supply

Let me describe to you every detail that each component has and also my experiences on using these components individually.

Snare Drum

1.   The DMPad dual-zone pad which serves as a Snare Drum.

This functions well as a snare drum, in which the dual zone enables you to trigger and produce the snare head and rimshot sounds. The good thing about this pad is the rubber texture which allows your drumsticks to bounce for accurate triggering and sound output. Although the only negative thing I can say as for my experience is, you have to hit it really hard to make the audio distinct even in a full volume. So if you’re used to the traditional acoustic drumsets, you might want to adjust your strength on hitting those pads.





2.  ProPad drum pads which serves as the 3 Tom Drums.*

These pads works as expected, although they are smaller than the snare drum, hitting them are not that big of a hassle. Same rubbery feeling as the snare drum, the only difference is that it is a plain pad without any side zones. This structure doesn’t affect the sound output and you don’t need to hit them hard like the snare drum because their sensitivity were adequate enough to produce the desired sound volume.





cymbal wedge



3.  The 3 ProPad cymbal pads (1 serves as Crash cymbal, 1 for Ride cymbal, 1 for the Hi-hat).

These pads are interchangeable to any of the three functions that you need.  The material for this cymbal pads is consist of hard plastic and rubber padding.  You will notice that the upper half portion is hard plastic and the lower half portion is rubber. The reason for this is that you only get to hit and trigger the lower portion as the pads remains stationary. When you attach them at their respective poles you will notice that there is a ball-joint with a small wedge in its design. I am satisfied with the durability of its material because I often hit them with abuse especially whenever I am “feeling” the music and up to now it is still intact. My only negative comment is on the Hi-hat pad as it sometimes double trigger even though I hit it only once. Upon observation, this is due to the fact that the stick bounces as it hits the pad so making it hit the pad twice unintentionally. I still prefer the clapper style of the traditional acoustic hi-hats. One thing to add to the Crash cymbal, it has no choke feature on the DM6.


DMHat Pedal4.  The DMHat pedals (Hi-hat control and Kickdrum).

With regard to the function of the pedal for the Hi-hat control, I only have a minor concern although I can tolerate it and not that big of a deal for me. When you step on the pedal,  it works perfectly fine giving you an accurate sound output but when you release the pedal it is sometimes having a mistrigger and thus, not giving you a sound output as you hit the hi-hat while releasing the pedal. Although I think this depends on the release timing of your foot from the pedal, just needs a little “getting used to” it.

As for the DMHat pedal used as a Kickdrum, it is ok – I have no regret with the sound as it is 99% accurate. The only thing I regret at this configuration is that the durability of the pedal can’t stand the abuse and pressure for the function of being a Kickdrum. My Kickdrum DMHat pedal gave in or let’s just say “stopped working” after 2 months of use. Good thing I still have warranty so I just called customer support and after verifying some info they sent me a replacement. As for me, the DMHat pedal is not advisable to function as a Kickdrum (although it is possible), for the trigger switch inside the pedal is made of plastic so great pressure will tend to break it. My advise is to use the Stealthkick which is really designed for this function.


5.  ProRack II Assembly with arms and clamps.

I have nothing much to say to this except for it is really lightweight and not hard to assemble because all you need to do is just unfold it and set it up to whichever comfortable position you want.


DM6 Module

6.  DM6 Module

This is the brain of your electronic drumset as all of the functions comes from this small module. It has over 100 drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds, play-along tracks, mix-in jack for playing along with your iPod or other music device. It also has a USB output jack to connect to your computer for recording using compatible music software. As for me, I don’t actually use this feature as I just play along with some of my favorite music doing the drum accompaniment.




cable snake


7.  Cable Snake

This is a special cable specifically manufactured and configured by Alesis for their products. I suggest that you take good care of it as their drum modules only works for their cables.




8.  Drum Key, Power Cable and Drumsticks

These are all part of the package.


The model I have was the Alesis DM6 Session Kit and as far as I know it is not available in the market for now and you might want to check another version of the DM6 module which is the Alesis DM6 USB Kit. They have the same features because they use the same module, the only differences are the design of the cymbal pads and single zone pads for the Tom drums. The Alesis DM6 USB Kit Five-Piece Electronic Drum Set is available on amazon.com if you want to check it out.

2 Signs Of Being Smart

I’m pumped up, I recently had a great conversation with a longtime friend of mine and we had the weirdest chit chat of all. We were talking about “How a person can be considered smart” and how it led to a thought of “you are smart, if you know how to clean ground beef properly” which ended in a debate. Sounds ridiculous huh? So enough with the ground beef thing and let me just share with you my thoughts and opinions on determining some signs of being smart.

Just to give you a heads up, this article does not pertain to me nor states that I am smart. You would have to know me personally or better yet, know me for a long time to be able to determine if I am one. So all in all, I am sharing my ideas here objectively and if ever you don’t agree, I am encouraging you to share what you think by writing down in the comments section and I will respect any thing you say for the purpose of a healthy discussion.


Smart people:


world-of-hands-wht-txt 1. Knows how to demonstrate their reasoning ability.

As we all know, it is a nature for a person to justify what he/she thinks whether it is right or wrong. It all comes down to how a person will persuade another individual to think the same way as he/she does and that is by reasoning. Smart people will always find a way to make their statements believable.




"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." -Albert Einstein 2. Are gifted individuals.

When I say “gifted”, it means that they acquired their traits since the day they were born, it’s in their genes. They tend to absorb and figure things out quickly often times by observation or by learning through experiences.




Common Sense 3. Are the ones with solid common sense.

Yes, it hurts and I don’t intend to offend anyone. The truth is, there are some people who are really good in academics but somewhat lacks in common sense but Hey!, I didn’t say “No Common Sense”, everyone has it and is probably just in a slump that time or just have things going inside their head that hinders them to think straight.



Stay focused 4. Are more focused.

Number 3 leads us here. They are really determined to do things right and in order, also tends to look into things systematically. Typically not affected by pressure or if ever being affected, just hides it without being obvious.




Think out of the box 5. Thinks out of the box.

Contradicting to number 4? Nope it’s not, because if they can’t find it in a normal, systematic way, they knew that it is not common. So they began to be more sensitive and look to other factors that will give them answers after which then leads us to Number 1.



Don’t fret if ever you don’t get all of the above items because it doesn’t necessarily say that you are not smart. I suggest that we all take it positively and strive to be the best for who we are.  Besides, nobody is perfect and there will always be a room for improvement for everyone.

2 Everything That Leads Me In Sorrow – Sweet Danger

As some of you noticed, I am trying my best to feature “twice a month”  a fresh new amateur artist that I stumble upon. This month, I want to introduce to you a new band from Italy and they call themselves “Sweet Danger”. As to what I have read from their profile over at Jamendo, they were formed in November 2010. The band consists of Simone Sciarrni (lead vocals and guitar), Flavio Scipione (drums), Francesco Capuani (lead guitar) and Giordano Paoletti  (bass guitar).

The title of this featured song that I want to share with you is “Everything That Leads Me In Sorrow” which is included in their City Nights album. It’s one of their  originals and I say that it is really good.  I give credits to Sweet Danger for this song and you can click on this link for their facebook page.

2 Personal Tips On How To Create A Website

Are you thinking of how to create a website for blogging or business but don’t know what to do or where to start? Before you start building one, first you have to decide whether you will be using a hosted platform or a stand-alone platform. Let me explain to you briefly the difference between the two platforms. Examples of hosted platforms are blogspot, tumblr or wordpress.com. The good thing about having a hosted platform is that your domain and hosting service is free but the drawback is that only neither a few customizations nor tweaking can be made and you don’t get to have your own domain name (your website would appear mydomain.wordpress.com, mydomain.blogspot.com). In Stand-alone platforms, you will be able to choose your own domain name and fully customize your website. You would have to purchase a web hosting service and a domain name (of your choice!) which is actually cheap so you don’t have to worry about spending much.


On this article, I will be giving you my personal tips on how to build your website using a stand alone platform.


1. First you need to think, find or choose a domain name for your site. This is going to be the identity of your  website. You can find in these links helpful tools that can help you generate a good domain name:

2. After choosing your desired domain name, you can check its availability on any of these three links:

3. If your desired domain is available, you can start registering it to any Hosting Services that you prefer. I would suggest that choose the web hosting service that suits your budget and needs. I would be giving you a few suggestions to help you decide which service you would prefer.

  •  KVC Hosting

Their service offers 24/7 support, 99.9% uptime, Unlimited Space depending on the package, Unlimited Bandwidth depending on the package, a control panel, add-on domains, free domain name with included privacy and a 45 days money back guarantee, free DNS Management and ID Protection. I have been using their hosting service and their price range is from $1.89 – $3.49 per month. You can click here if you want to see some more details with regard to their hosting service.

  •  Go Daddy Web Hosting

Their service has unlimited storage and bandwidth, 99.9% uptime guarantee,24/7 support and an easy, one   clock set-up. Their price ranges from $2.99 – $7.49 per month depending on what package you choose. If you want to learn more about their services, here is a link to their website.


  •  Network Solutions Web Hosting

Their service offers unlimited bandwidth with massive storage -300GB, easy to use Website Builder and 9500+ templates, they have software like WordPress,Drupal and Joomla and they also have 99.9% uptime guarantee with 24/7 support.  Their price ranges from $2.99 – $9.99 per month. Here is the link to their website if you want to learn more about their packages.


4. After you have chosen your preferred Hosting Service, you will be given login details to use for your control panel. I would suggest that you change the password immediately for added security and be sure to remember it for that is your access in all your activities for your website (you might want to refer to your hosting service provider for instructions on how to add your domain name, upload your website via ftp and other instructions that you may need). As for KVC Hosting it has some video tutorials and written instructions provided that you can follow in setting up the new website.


5. Ok, so the hard part is done, next is choosing a software for you to use on your website. There are many software available for you to use such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many more. All these have its own different interface and functions that varies in their own format and design. If you’re a beginner like me, I would suggest that you use WordPress since this is the easiest and most user friendly of the three I mentioned. You don’t have to be a computer programmer to use WordPress  but if you like a challenge and test your creativity, you can use Joomla or Drupal. Here is a link to assist you on how to install WordPress.


Having been able to start and build a website doesn’t stop there, it is an accomplishment indeed but maintaining it is a different thing. I am also new to this but here is what I can say, I am having fun and I felt fulfilled by just having to build my own website.


Featured image is not a property of this blog and is used for information purposes only. Image credits goes to the image owner provided at the source link.

2 Food Review – Gerry’s Grill

Gerry's Grill Outside ViewOk, so my wife and I have been craving for a Grilled Squid for weeks now and there is this one restaurant in Cerritos, California that is known to have an authentic Filipino food menu, Gerry’s Grill. I remember when I was still in the Philippines, I used to eat here with my friends and co-workers and I am glad that I get to try it out here again. So it’s a 45 minute drive from our place to Gerry’s Grill (Yep! we really crave for that Grilled Squid! :D) and yes it is in a different city, located at 11710 South St ,Artesia, CA 90701. We left at around 11:45 AM and arrived before 1Pm just in time for lunch. The place was jam-packed since it was a Saturday but luckily we waited only a few minutes to be seated. Normally what turns me off in a restaurant, even though it has good food, is the customer service. But for this branch, knowing that there were lots of customers at that time, I can say that they handled it pretty well because they seem quick in responding to customers’ needs and not even panicking.


gerry's grill menusago't gulamanSo we were seated near the bar and the waiter gave us the menu and politely asked what drinks we would want while still thinking about what to eat. I decided to have the Sago’t Gulaman and my wife asked for the Mais con Yelo. I can only speak for what I have ordered and here is my thought about the Sago’t Gulaman, it’s not the best  Sago’t Gulaman around but it is also not the worst. I dunno but with regard to my taste buds, I think it’s too sweet.  We all might differ from one another but if I would be given another choice, I will still order it and just request that they put in less syrup and more ice just to balance the sweetness.



Finally we were able to decide what to order and it didn’t take too long for us to have our meal. It took probably 5-10 minutes before our meal to be served and it’s actually quick considering that the place was packed.


Molo Soup

Molo Soup


They first served the Molo Soup, I can say that it is good, not too salty and not too bland. Although the meat wrapper (like what you see on those wonton soups) was a little bit soggy but it’s still ok to chew. I actually preferred it to be this way instead of the wrappers being a bit hard and rubbery. All in all, the quality of the Molo Soup is great and if I would get to eat here again, I will again order it.




Garlic Rice

Garlic Rice

Pork Sisig

Pork Sisig










Next they served the Garlic Rice along with the Pork Sisig. I will not elaborate more on the Garlic Rice because we all know it’s best described on the name itself. The Pork Sisig was served, as we expected, sizzling and hot! Topped with raw egg and we just mixed it with some hot sauce and lemon. I can say the flavor of the food was great because it consists of fried pork rinds (which gives it a crunchy feeling when you chew), ground meat, and spices like onions and garlic. Although it’s not very distinct but I think it has some coconut flavor in it which makes it different from other pork sisigs that I have tasted in other restaurants. The texture is not mushy nor gooey and also not dried and it’s moistness just want to make you savor while you eat. I can say it is a pretty decent meal.


Grilled Squid

Grilled Squid


Last but not the least, the food that we’ve been craving for, Grilled Squid. It was served with a vegetable side dish (carrots, red and green bell pepper, celery slices) that was fermented with vinegar and sugar, although it’s not that sour. The squid was marinated with probably their secret ingredient similar to a barbecue sauce. Grilled pretty well and not burnt and much portion of it was really edible. They also have this sauce that really blends well with the Grilled Squid.  All I can say in this meal, it is what I totally expected and craved for. I recommend anyone who visits this place to try it out.



Overall, the experience was great. We were satisfied with the meal and would actually come back to try out some more of their other food on the menu.

0 Five – 4th of July Events To See In Los Angeles

In two more days the whole nation of the United States will celebrate one of its monumental holidays, the 4th of July – Independence Day. Have you made any plans on how and where to celebrate this wonderful tradition with your families, loved ones and friends? If not yet, here are my 5 suggestions that you might consider on how to make this day a memorable one:

• Watch a special concert at The Hollywood Bowl.


Photos of Hollywood Bowl Museum, Los Angeles
This photo of Hollywood Bowl Museum is courtesy of TripAdvisor

If you are a fan of Classical Pop, you might want to check out Josh Groban and the Los Angeles Philharmonic this 4th of July for they will be having a special concert at this venue and you will also get to watch a fireworks display at this event.

• Have a day full of fun-filled family activities in a patriotic way at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.


Photos of Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, Simi Valley
This photo of Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library has its own Annual 4th of July celebration that has patriotic concerts, family games (sack race, ring toss, etc.), featured presidential re-enactments , some arts and crafts and also get to see the Air Force One up close. It might be a 1 hour drive from Los Angeles but I am sure it’ll be worth it.

• “Celebrate Independence Day in style” (as what their slogan says) by visiting The Queen Mary.


Photos of The Queen Mary, Long Beach
This photo of The Queen Mary is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Get on board this big ship that is also a hotel! That’s right, this is also a hotel. You get to enjoy family friendly music and entertainment, explore the ship and experience the wonder of it’s fireworks display. List of activities can be seen here, that will last the whole day up to the night.

• Experience the “Americafest”, 4th of July celebration being held at The Rose Bowl Stadium.


Image courtesy of rosebowlstadium.com

Image courtesy of rosebowlstadium.com

Family fun activities include crafts, exhibits, rides for the kids and the much awaited fireworks display that will start at 9PM. This is a 30-minute show that will light up the night and I’m sure you don’t want to miss this. Details of the event can be seen here.

• Spend the 4th of July at the Huntington Beach.


Image grabbed at hb4thofjuly.org

Image courtesy of hb4thofjuly.org

When I say Huntington Beach, it’s not just about swimming on the 4th of July, you also get to see the famous Huntington Beach Parade, the Surf City 5K Run & Fitness Expo and the Fireworks Over the Ocean display that would start in the evening. This is a whole day event and you need to go there early if you plan on doing this activity because I am sure there will be lots of people out there. Details of the event can be seen here.




Images used for this article are for information purposes only. Author and site owner does not own them and does not intend to gain profit from them. Credits of such images goes to the owner of those images specified on the hyperlinks and captions below the image.

0 Best 5 Places to Visit in Los Angeles During Summer

Los Angeles was stricken by a heat wave this weekend and would probably last through a couple more days reaching a three-digit mark on the temperature scale. In this extreme heat, here are my 5 places that I would want to visit during this time.

1. The Beach

           Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Beach

This is probably the best place to visit during summer and Southern California has lots of them to offer. The good thing about going to the beach is you have lots of things to do besides swimming. There are lots of shops if you plan on strolling and also food stands just in case you get hungry and want to eat a light meal. The only drawback that you will experience is having a hard time to find a parking spot so you need a little patience on finding one otherwise everything’s great.

2. The Mall

Carousel inside the Santa Anita Mall

Carousel inside the Santa Anita Mall


This is probably the most common activity to do especially if you’re not in the mood to be under the sun. Strolling, window shopping and if you get hungry, no need to worry of starving because there are lots of restaurants to choose from. An affordable way to beat the heat this summer.

3. Water Parks

image grabbed at california.legoland.com

Image grabbed at california.legoland.com

This is an alternative way to enjoy the water if you don’t want to go to the beach. Water Parks are fun because of the different rides and slides and other amenities that you don’t get in a beach. The good thing also about going here is you get to avail promos made by the facility like having Season Pass tickets with free parking so it is really a deal that you don’t want to miss.

4. Movie Theaters


Pacific Grove (Image grabbed at decurion.com)

Pacific Grove (Image grabbed at decurion.com)


Ahhh, simple way to say it – It’s fun, relaxing and you get to watch that movie that you have been dying to see for a couple of weeks (ok I’m just exaggerating with the dying thing hehehe).

5. Museums

The Getty Museum


Sounds boring huh? Well to tell you the truth, once you have tried it you will actually love it. The good thing about museums is you get to learn stuff depending on the genre you have chosen. There are lots of museums in L.A. that focuses on music, arts, architecture and even marine life.



So there you have it, no need to worry about being all dried up and drained by the heat. Have fun and go out, be adventurous even in a simple way.


Featured Image grabbed from accuweather.com. Sole purpose is to give info about the heat wave. This site and author does not own the featured image.