0 With A Smile – Song Cover by David Dimuzio featuring Yassi Pressman

“With A Smile” was originally sung by the Eraserheads and was adapted on this  great song cover from David Dimuzio featuring Yassi Pressman. Check out the Source link to see more song covers and originals from David Dimuzio!

0 A View of Los Angeles At Night

I have always wanted to see the beauty of Los Angeles at night, see the busy city lights and radiant colors that twinkle like stars in a vast dark sky on a mountain perspective. There are lots of ways to do this and the one way that I was able to do was by going to The Griffith Observatory. I took this shot last year in November when a photography-enthusiast friend of mine(from Singapore) visited me. It’s a perfect opportunity, good weather and timing so why pass it? Grabbed my gear and off to the road in a fast paced manner coz we don’t want to miss the little bit of light from the sky. Arrived there just in time to set up our gears and take the shot! It was fun and fulfilling, coz I never get to do this most of the time.

0 So Slow – Song Cover by Shane Tarun & David DiMuzio

I was checking some videos on YouTube and stumbled to this video cover of “So Slow – Freestyle” by David DiMuzio & Shane Tarun. I was totally amazed and I can’t help but feature this video on my site because of the impact that it gave me. I love their collaboration and Shane’s voice was really awesome plus the guitar and vocal skills of David was really clean. I ended up checking some more of their covers and loved every single of it.
Such a good way to start my blog – cool, relaxing music and this is officially my first post!!!