2 Five New Roller Coasters For 2013

It’s the middle of summer, so are you the type of person who loves amusement parks and thrills? Well then, get your vocal chords ready and be sure to have an empty stomach because here is a list of some of the new roller coaster rides for 2013.


1. Full Throttle @ Six Flags – Magic Mountain, Los Angeles

Full Throttle

This is the fastest and tallest looping roller coaster in the world. The ride has 0-70 mph (approximately 113 kmh) acceleration and its loop is 160ft tall and you get to do it twice (inside and outside loop). It also has a backward launch to give you sudden intense boost as you lunge forward.

Here is a POV video to show you the feeling of excitement even by only watching it.

You can also like their Facebook page here.


2. GateKeeper @ Cedar Point – Sandusky, Ohio


This is going to be the longest wing ride roller coaster (wing ride means that the riders are positioned at both sides wherein their feet hangs through the air). The track length is 4,164ft (1.269km) and the maximum speed is 67 mph(107kmh). Riding this roller coaster will give you a very intense experience due to the turns and drops that will last for about 2 mins. and 40 sec.


Here is a POV experience of the GateKeeper.

Looking for their Facebook page? Here it is.


3. Iron Rattler @ Six Flags – San Antonio, Texas 

Iron Rattler

Yup, you are reading it right – this is a new roller coaster adapted from the old one. Modifications were made to the new Iron Rattler, from a 61-degree ft. drop to an 81-degree drop at a distance of 171 ft. (Imagine that nerve-racking experience, it is almost a vertical drop with your face forward to the ground!) It has a top speed of 70mph (112kmh) while doing an inverted barrel roll.


Here is a POV video to show you what is happening.

Just in case you want to see their Facebook Page, here is the link.


4. The Smiler @ Alton Towers – United Kingdom

The Smiler

If you happened to be in England, I’m sure you don’t want to miss a visit to one of their famous theme park – The Alton Towers. If you want to get dizzy without drinking any alcohol but instead because of just merely having a fun ride, try their new roller coaster called The Smiler. It has a 14 loop ride and a 30 meter drop with a max speed of 53mph(85kmh) that will certainly not only blow your brains out but also your stomach! Added to it’s features were some effects that will manipulate your mind and instincts. I guess after riding this roller coaster, you will see the reflection of “The Joker” in you when you look at the mirror.


Here is a POV video for you guys to give you an idea.

Here is their Facebook page to check on some other stuff you might want to see.


5. Gold Striker @ California’s Great America – Santa Clara, CA

Gold Striker

This is a wooden roller coaster and is the tallest and fastest for its kind. Get your hands in the air and be sure to absorb the intense 103.3 ft. drop going through a tunnel and some 80 degree bankings and ride twist along the way. This is a 2 min and 30 sec thrill ride that will surely make your heart stop.


Here is a POV video to give you a taste of the experience.

You might also want to check their Facebook page here.

0 So Slow – Song Cover by Shane Tarun & David DiMuzio

I was checking some videos on YouTube and stumbled to this video cover of “So Slow – Freestyle” by David DiMuzio & Shane Tarun. I was totally amazed and I can’t help but feature this video on my site because of the impact that it gave me. I love their collaboration and Shane’s voice was really awesome plus the guitar and vocal skills of David was really clean. I ended up checking some more of their covers and loved every single of it.
Such a good way to start my blog – cool, relaxing music and this is officially my first post!!!