4 Pagbabalik – A Featured Song With A Story Behind It

Music is known to be a medium for every generation, whether you are old or young, it doesn’t matter. It was proven to tame a wild heart, to shed light over darkness, to give words to the mute, to give meaning to the pointless and answer the things that can’t be explained.

On this article, I have another song to feature that is best expressed by my above statement. This time it is not just about the song (although it’s a good one) but it’s about the story behind it. Before I go on, let me tell you the song that I am referring to, it is “Pagbabalik” sung by Gab Cabangon, Reese Lansangan and Vica Hernandez.

Have you heard about the “Rock Ed Philippines“? It’s actually a group of people, mostly artists of different nature and genre that shares and gives their time to educate the youth of the Philippines. I actually like their slogan on their Facebook Page, “Rocking society through alternative education.” As to what I understood of this is that they are trying to reach the youth by means of an alternative approach which is through music and arts (as we all know, young people tend to listen and accept things that has this concept) without sacrificing the traditional way of education.

I actually admire them because even though most of them are already successful in their respective careers, they still have the heart and determination to help the less fortunate by means of their craft. That is why I am featuring them and not just the song in this article for they deserve all the credits.

Song and featured image are not a property of this blog/website. Credits goes to the artists and organization involved.

0 Food Review – Sushi Ichi (Authentic Japanese Restaurant)

My wife and I are fond of trying different cuisines for we do like to eat outside oftentimes during weekends (because it is our day of relaxation after a week-long stress). After coming from an exhibit we visited, we thought to try this Japanese Restaurant called “Sushi Ichi” about a couple of miles from our place. We’ve heard that this restaurant serves authentic Japanese food and since we haven’t eaten any Japanese food for a while, we have decided to give it a try.

We arrive at the vicinity around 5:20 PM and luckily was able to find a parking spot near the restaurant. The parking lot is is a private lot which is average in size and shared by a few establishments. I’m guessing that during at night this is full as most of the establishments here were restaurants.

Inside the Restaurant Reserved Upon entering the store, I was somewhat surprised because I was not expecting it to be small (approximately 7 tables and a Bar) yet I find it very clean and well organized. The waiter greeted us and I have noticed that all the tables were “Reserved” except for one, which is a good thing because we were seated at that last table that wasn’t reserved. I later realized that before coming here, you have to call first for reservation because if you are unlucky you don’t have a chance to sit and eat (which in our case, we were lucky to have the last spot). It seems that this place is frequented by patrons as the waiter asked us if this was our first time here and I also noticed that they already knew some of the guests.



Upon seating, he gave us the menu and while deciding on what to order, he asked us what drinks do we want and we just ordered 2 Sodas. On the menu, you will find the typical Japanese foods that you normally would see on other restaurants, so in this case we were somewhat familiar (although not an expert) with some of the foods they offer.



Miso Soup



We first ordered a Miso Soup, this is a must for me, it is as if my meal won’t be complete without this. Their Miso Soup is ok, I am actually not expecting more since (as far as I know) this serves only as an appetizer before eating the main dish.






Yellowtail and Salmon Sushi For our main dish, we ordered the Yellowtail Sushi ($6.50) and Salmon Sushi ($6.00)which comes in pairs, perfect for couples. We waited probably around 5 mins. for it to be prepared by their Sushi Chef at the bar. When I ate my piece of the Yellowtail Sushi, I should say, I was really satisfied. Unlike other Japanese restaurants, the Yellowtail Sushi here tastes really good and fresh. It doesn’t tastes too fishy but instead there was a pinch of sweetness on the fishmeat and you will notice the texture to be firm and not saggy nor slimy. This goes along with the Salmon Sushi, both having the same quality.


Spicy Tuna and California Roll


Next we ordered the Spicy Tuna Roll ($5.50) and the California Roll ($5.00). This are the traditional rolls that you can find in any Japanese restaurants and to my surprise when I ate them, I don’t know if I am just hungry or it really tastes different. It is tasty and flavorful not a typical bland roll that I am used to.




Fresh Salmon Roe We were already full but we have decided to try a one last sushi flavor and we ordered the Salmon Roe Sushi. The waiter asked us if we would like to try the chef recommended or the normal one. We asked what is the difference and he said the Chef recommended is a fresh Roe while the normal is not(probably came from a bottle). Since the difference is only two dollars, we decided to get the Fresh Salmon Roe ($8.00). As expected, it was not disappointing, it was fresh indeed.



All in all, my experience here is great. Customer service is great as they were all accommodating and courteous (they even said goodbye in Japanese – all of them). Food was really fresh and served at a normal pace. The only thing that might hurt you is the price because it was somewhat expensive, although they reciprocate it with the quality of food and service. I recommend this place to anyone who would want to try an authentic Japanese food.


Sushi Ichi is located at 633 South Arroyo Parkway, Pasadena, CA 91105. Reservation is a must and their Tel. Number is 1-626-395-9977. Their operating hours are Mon-Fri 11:30 AM – 2:00 PM / 5:00 PM – 9:30 PM and Saturday only 5:00 PM – 9:30 PM. They accept credit cards for payments. If you have a toddler with you, you might not try this place since I don’t see any hi-chairs around.

2 Signs Of Being Smart

I’m pumped up, I recently had a great conversation with a longtime friend of mine and we had the weirdest chit chat of all. We were talking about “How a person can be considered smart” and how it led to a thought of “you are smart, if you know how to clean ground beef properly” which ended in a debate. Sounds ridiculous huh? So enough with the ground beef thing and let me just share with you my thoughts and opinions on determining some signs of being smart.

Just to give you a heads up, this article does not pertain to me nor states that I am smart. You would have to know me personally or better yet, know me for a long time to be able to determine if I am one. So all in all, I am sharing my ideas here objectively and if ever you don’t agree, I am encouraging you to share what you think by writing down in the comments section and I will respect any thing you say for the purpose of a healthy discussion.


Smart people:


world-of-hands-wht-txt 1. Knows how to demonstrate their reasoning ability.

As we all know, it is a nature for a person to justify what he/she thinks whether it is right or wrong. It all comes down to how a person will persuade another individual to think the same way as he/she does and that is by reasoning. Smart people will always find a way to make their statements believable.




"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." -Albert Einstein 2. Are gifted individuals.

When I say “gifted”, it means that they acquired their traits since the day they were born, it’s in their genes. They tend to absorb and figure things out quickly often times by observation or by learning through experiences.




Common Sense 3. Are the ones with solid common sense.

Yes, it hurts and I don’t intend to offend anyone. The truth is, there are some people who are really good in academics but somewhat lacks in common sense but Hey!, I didn’t say “No Common Sense”, everyone has it and is probably just in a slump that time or just have things going inside their head that hinders them to think straight.



Stay focused 4. Are more focused.

Number 3 leads us here. They are really determined to do things right and in order, also tends to look into things systematically. Typically not affected by pressure or if ever being affected, just hides it without being obvious.




Think out of the box 5. Thinks out of the box.

Contradicting to number 4? Nope it’s not, because if they can’t find it in a normal, systematic way, they knew that it is not common. So they began to be more sensitive and look to other factors that will give them answers after which then leads us to Number 1.



Don’t fret if ever you don’t get all of the above items because it doesn’t necessarily say that you are not smart. I suggest that we all take it positively and strive to be the best for who we are.  Besides, nobody is perfect and there will always be a room for improvement for everyone.

0 Best 5 Places to Visit in Los Angeles During Summer

Los Angeles was stricken by a heat wave this weekend and would probably last through a couple more days reaching a three-digit mark on the temperature scale. In this extreme heat, here are my 5 places that I would want to visit during this time.

1. The Beach

           Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Beach

This is probably the best place to visit during summer and Southern California has lots of them to offer. The good thing about going to the beach is you have lots of things to do besides swimming. There are lots of shops if you plan on strolling and also food stands just in case you get hungry and want to eat a light meal. The only drawback that you will experience is having a hard time to find a parking spot so you need a little patience on finding one otherwise everything’s great.

2. The Mall

Carousel inside the Santa Anita Mall

Carousel inside the Santa Anita Mall


This is probably the most common activity to do especially if you’re not in the mood to be under the sun. Strolling, window shopping and if you get hungry, no need to worry of starving because there are lots of restaurants to choose from. An affordable way to beat the heat this summer.

3. Water Parks

image grabbed at california.legoland.com

Image grabbed at california.legoland.com

This is an alternative way to enjoy the water if you don’t want to go to the beach. Water Parks are fun because of the different rides and slides and other amenities that you don’t get in a beach. The good thing also about going here is you get to avail promos made by the facility like having Season Pass tickets with free parking so it is really a deal that you don’t want to miss.

4. Movie Theaters


Pacific Grove (Image grabbed at decurion.com)

Pacific Grove (Image grabbed at decurion.com)


Ahhh, simple way to say it – It’s fun, relaxing and you get to watch that movie that you have been dying to see for a couple of weeks (ok I’m just exaggerating with the dying thing hehehe).

5. Museums

The Getty Museum


Sounds boring huh? Well to tell you the truth, once you have tried it you will actually love it. The good thing about museums is you get to learn stuff depending on the genre you have chosen. There are lots of museums in L.A. that focuses on music, arts, architecture and even marine life.



So there you have it, no need to worry about being all dried up and drained by the heat. Have fun and go out, be adventurous even in a simple way.


Featured Image grabbed from accuweather.com. Sole purpose is to give info about the heat wave. This site and author does not own the featured image.

0 The Voice of the Philippines Surprising Auditions

A few days ago I was watching “The Voice of the Philippines” and I was really surprised to see Radha Cuadrado-Tinsay joined the audition. Like in my mind I was saying, does the Philippine version has guest appearance numbers while doing auditions? I learned later on that indeed she was part of the audition and was successful in joining Lea Salonga’s team.

Radha Tinsay ( image grabbed from thevoice.ABS-CBN.com)

image grabbed from thevoice.abs-cbn.com


For those of you that do not know, Radha is a professional singer and was part of the band “Kulay”. She’s the voice behind the song “Burn” and their band also sang one of the Pepsi commercial jingle. So she was a famous celebrity back then, indeed. Upon seeing her on the show’s audition, I became curious and did a little research if there were other Filipino celebrities that joined the audition for “The Voice of Philippines”. Here’s what I’ve found out, besides Radha, there is –  R & B singer Thor Dulay and Star Magic talent Guji Lorenzana.




I am not against with them joining the competition but I am just wondering, why do they need to join and battle against amateur, aspiring singers. I mean, it’s just that, what’s the point? I believe the platform and format of the show is to be mentored by one of the judges, and for them having albums and being known in the music industry, what is there to learn still? They even performed side by side with some of the judge-mentors and one of them (which was Sarah) even admitted that she was a fan of Radha. I just don’t get it, I am just thinking, will the amateurs be seen nor stand a chance against them? I then realized that it is a contest, so if you’re really great you will stay till the end and this will showcase if the pros deserves to be given a 2nd chance and if the amateurs can outshine the more experienced singers. I am sure this is going to be a great season for “The Voice of the Philippines”. You can leave a comment if you have thoughts to share.

The above post is my opinion only and I do not intend to degrade the persons mentioned nor influence the viewers of the show to side with my thoughts. This post if merely for opinionated discussion purposes only.

Image used containing the judge’s picture and the voice philipines logo is not owned by this site nor its author.
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