6 Your Love Never Fails By Dylan Coyle Ft. Ryan Alan Stanley

I have been busy for the past few days, lots of church activities, my son started his school last week and on my free time, I just relax and clear my mind while listening to some music. Since I am fond of listening to song covers and originals from amateur artists, I came upon a song cover by Dylan Coyle featuring Ryan Alan Stanley and the song is “Your Love Never Fails” originally by Jesus Culture. It was actually one of my favorite Christian Rock songs and they totally changed the arrangement to give it a different perspective.

I should say it was interesting and neatly done especially if you’re in the mood to chill and relax. Dylan was the lead singer and the other aspects of the song like harmonies and arrangements were done by Ryan Alan Stanley.

The song is about the grace and goodness of God, no matter how many mistakes have we done, His love never fails and will always be there (just like a parent to their children).

4 Pagbabalik – A Featured Song With A Story Behind It

Music is known to be a medium for every generation, whether you are old or young, it doesn’t matter. It was proven to tame a wild heart, to shed light over darkness, to give words to the mute, to give meaning to the pointless and answer the things that can’t be explained.

On this article, I have another song to feature that is best expressed by my above statement. This time it is not just about the song (although it’s a good one) but it’s about the story behind it. Before I go on, let me tell you the song that I am referring to, it is “Pagbabalik” sung by Gab Cabangon, Reese Lansangan and Vica Hernandez.

Have you heard about the “Rock Ed Philippines“? It’s actually a group of people, mostly artists of different nature and genre that shares and gives their time to educate the youth of the Philippines. I actually like their slogan on their Facebook Page, “Rocking society through alternative education.” As to what I understood of this is that they are trying to reach the youth by means of an alternative approach which is through music and arts (as we all know, young people tend to listen and accept things that has this concept) without sacrificing the traditional way of education.

I actually admire them because even though most of them are already successful in their respective careers, they still have the heart and determination to help the less fortunate by means of their craft. That is why I am featuring them and not just the song in this article for they deserve all the credits.

Song and featured image are not a property of this blog/website. Credits goes to the artists and organization involved.

0 Drifter – Song Cover by Kenny Cook(McLeansboro FGBC)

I have another featured song to share with you guys and this time it is a Christian rock ballad. It was originally sung by DecembeRadio and is actually one of my favorite Christian songs. I was searching for this song entitled Drifter which led me to this awesome cover by McLeansboro FGB Church and sang by Kenny Cook. I was truly grateful for finding this amazing cover because I have been looking for a cover of this song that has a different twist from the original and it was really good.

This song tells us a story of making mistakes, being alone and confused as a person and still able to pull the best in us because we can by God’s grace.

This blog or website does not intend to reproduce nor make a profit out of the featured song. This featured song is for the purpose of entertainment and information only.

2 Everything That Leads Me In Sorrow – Sweet Danger

As some of you noticed, I am trying my best to feature “twice a month”  a fresh new amateur artist that I stumble upon. This month, I want to introduce to you a new band from Italy and they call themselves “Sweet Danger”. As to what I have read from their profile over at Jamendo, they were formed in November 2010. The band consists of Simone Sciarrni (lead vocals and guitar), Flavio Scipione (drums), Francesco Capuani (lead guitar) and Giordano Paoletti  (bass guitar).

The title of this featured song that I want to share with you is “Everything That Leads Me In Sorrow” which is included in their City Nights album. It’s one of their  originals and I say that it is really good.  I give credits to Sweet Danger for this song and you can click on this link for their facebook page.

0 With or Without You – Song Cover by Eleanor Nicholson

I was browsing through the internet and I stumbled upon this song cover  called “With or Without You” which is also one of my favorite songs from U2. I’ve decided to listen to it and I was amazed because it was really good. I gave the artist( that did the cover ) a message to ask if I can feature her and her song cover in my blog and I am glad she agreed because I really want to share and show you guys how amazing she sings. She is Eleanor Nicholson, 15 years of age and she’s from Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, Scotland, Britain.

0 Titanium – Song Cover by Rhap Salazar feat. Shane Anja

Here is a new featured song cover by Rhap Salazar featuring Shane Anja. This song is called Titanium, originally sung by David Guetta featuring Sia.


Credit goes to the artists. This featured song is for the purpose of entertainment only. Author of this post and site does not own the rights of the song.

0 With A Smile – Song Cover by David Dimuzio featuring Yassi Pressman

“With A Smile” was originally sung by the Eraserheads and was adapted on this  great song cover from David Dimuzio featuring Yassi Pressman. Check out the Source link to see more song covers and originals from David Dimuzio!