8 The Real Praise And Worship

First and foremost, what you are about to read is what I believe in and mostly my opinion. I do not intend to offend anyone or persuade to believe what I think. I respect you for your beliefs and I expect you to do the same. I accept constructive criticisms as I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

I have been thinking about this certain thing about church praise and worship for quite sometime now. As a matter of fact, it became more visible to me when I started this awesome task to lead the congregation for a few Sunday service when our worship leader attended a seminar. We can’t deny that sometimes (or perhaps most of the time) differences starts even inside the church(even though we are Christians) especially when it comes to music but like what I always think of – “there is no perfect church, because if there is one, then it is not a church it is “HEAVEN”.

In giving praises to God, there are people who prefer the old-fashioned, solemn, quiet, calm hymn-like songs and there are some which prefer the upbeat, fast, dancy-groovy kind of songs which makes them more involved when it comes to praise and worship. Being part of the worship team, I am torn between these two ways of giving praise to God. Let me point this out, what is “worship”? what is the proper way of worship? What is our goal for worship?

So, what is worship? If we would like to understand it in a definitive way, it is a way of communicating to God – simple as it is. If we would dig deeper and not just literally define it, worship is having a conversation, offering our sincere thoughts and proclaiming the awesomeness of God with pure humility and being happy about it. Sounds easy huh? Well what about doing it ?

Worship BG - Great is the Lord

So, what is the proper way of worship? Defining it is the easy part because it is like giving it a form or a category but it gets complicated if we would want to show the proper way of doing it. For me, everything that you do in accordance to God’s word is the proper way. We cannot say that God will only like if we sing solemnly or he will love us more because we are dancing in his presence, it’s actually seen by God in our hearts.Proper way of worship cannot be defined verbally or physically but instead it will be defined by how we submit ourselves in worshiping and how God can be glorified with sincerity. It does not say that we have to worship God in our way or worship him in his because this will just show that worshiping is one sided and biased. Like a magnet, it does not work on North Poles or South Poles only, it must be combined to work, so I can say that worshiping God needs our way and his way and through this a conversation is made.

Lay It All Down For The Lord

So, what is your goal for worship? Does this include self-righteousness? Do you want others to see how holy you are or perhaps how great in singing or dancing you are? If this is your goal, then I’m afraid you have the wrong goals. A true worshiper’s goal is – to please God because that is the reason why we do it in the first place. So if you see someone dancing and singing , let him be because it is him pleasing God. Just as him seeing you singing solemnly and calmly because that is you pleasing God. Don’t be distracted at what others do because by doing so you are already missing your goals.

GBI Kenisah Christmas Party_14

There is no right or wrong when it comes to praising God. Whether it is lively or solemn, quiet or loud, modern or old-fashioned it will always be the same in front of God because what matters most is what He sees in your heart.

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4 When Life Keeps Happening

Have you ever noticed that sometimes no matter how hard you try you still fail to achieve your goals. It seems like in whatever you do, there will always be failures and heartaches that stands in your way. I know that you can already see a glimpse of what you want from afar but in order for you to reach your destination there are some things you need to go through and experience even though you don’t want to but you have no choice because it is there.

This, my friend, is “when life keeps happening”. Frustrations, disappointments, trials, obstacles in life that you don’t want to experience but whether you like it or not, it is there. No other road to go through, trapped inside a tunnel and your only option is to go ahead or back out, what will you choose?

leading tunnel lines swirl


If you back out, there will always be a feeling of emptiness and regret but if you go on, there will always be a feeling of pain, confusion and suffering but as you look ahead you can see the light that will ease all these. You just have to go on, no matter what because these are all part of it, these are the reasons why there is light and these will be gone once you get out of the tunnel. Once you get past all these, it means your free, free from your fears, hesitations and sufferings. You will then realize that the light you saw is no other than your own aura, you are your own “light”.

12 Life, Seen As A Body Of Water

Everyday we have to deal with things that gives us joy, inspirations, stress, sadness that whether we like it or not, defines our personality and who we are. A beginning in which we do not know how it started but believed it was there, a present that we try to make the best of because we can dictate how it goes and a future that we fill with hope and only exist in our mind. This is what I call “Life”, a journey from a time we know but haven’t seen, yet we believe because we are experiencing it now, and hoping to leave a legacy of our own in days to come before it ends.

sea in between 2How do you see your life? I see mine like a body of water – coming from a place I don’t know but knew it’s presence. When I think about life now, I can define it as to what I see but if I try to look beyond, there is more to it.

pier smearedLike a body of water, it has its ups and downs, serenity and storm, smear and cleanliness that we still love and cherish.

 Alcatraz 2Like a body of water defined by shades of color, dark because it’s deep and light because it’s shallow – always unpredictable but still we get to sail on it as we move on.

Bay Bridge 2Like a body of water that represents 75% of the world we live in, our life also relies on 75% of body fluids to survive.

lakeview 2Like a body of water that is only beautiful if we accept it as it is, go with the flow, because it is meant to be.