4 When Life Keeps Happening

Have you ever noticed that sometimes no matter how hard you try you still fail to achieve your goals. It seems like in whatever you do, there will always be failures and heartaches that stands in your way. I know that you can already see a glimpse of what you want from afar but in order for you to reach your destination there are some things you need to go through and experience even though you don’t want to but you have no choice because it is there.

This, my friend, is “when life keeps happening”. Frustrations, disappointments, trials, obstacles in life that you don’t want to experience but whether you like it or not, it is there. No other road to go through, trapped inside a tunnel and your only option is to go ahead or back out, what will you choose?

leading tunnel lines swirl


If you back out, there will always be a feeling of emptiness and regret but if you go on, there will always be a feeling of pain, confusion and suffering but as you look ahead you can see the light that will ease all these. You just have to go on, no matter what because these are all part of it, these are the reasons why there is light and these will be gone once you get out of the tunnel. Once you get past all these, it means your free, free from your fears, hesitations and sufferings. You will then realize that the light you saw is no other than your own aura, you are your own “light”.

12 Life, Seen As A Body Of Water

Everyday we have to deal with things that gives us joy, inspirations, stress, sadness that whether we like it or not, defines our personality and who we are. A beginning in which we do not know how it started but believed it was there, a present that we try to make the best of because we can dictate how it goes and a future that we fill with hope and only exist in our mind. This is what I call “Life”, a journey from a time we know but haven’t seen, yet we believe because we are experiencing it now, and hoping to leave a legacy of our own in days to come before it ends.

sea in between 2How do you see your life? I see mine like a body of water – coming from a place I don’t know but knew it’s presence. When I think about life now, I can define it as to what I see but if I try to look beyond, there is more to it.

pier smearedLike a body of water, it has its ups and downs, serenity and storm, smear and cleanliness that we still love and cherish.

 Alcatraz 2Like a body of water defined by shades of color, dark because it’s deep and light because it’s shallow – always unpredictable but still we get to sail on it as we move on.

Bay Bridge 2Like a body of water that represents 75% of the world we live in, our life also relies on 75% of body fluids to survive.

lakeview 2Like a body of water that is only beautiful if we accept it as it is, go with the flow, because it is meant to be.

6 Achieve Life With Less Regrets

There are so many things in life that we often ignore, give too much attention, adapt and neglect that makes it very complex. We usually say that “everything happens for a reason” but what do we actually mean by that? Is it just our way to justify all the things that we don’t intend? Or perhaps a manner of self-denial to things we cannot accept? I, too, cannot answer these questions but yet have a thought to symbolize this way of thinking, this is what I call “Regret”. I cannot say that at this age of mine I already have plenty of regrets because (I am still on my 30’s) I still have time to reverse or do what is necessary. So at this point in time, it comes to my mind that I might regret a few things in the future if I don’t do something about it.


  • I might regret not doing the things I wished I have done.


At this point, all I can think of are my dreams – a house of my own, a career that I will love and enjoy, and being the best person that I can be. These things are all possible depending on my decisions and ways I have to do in life. I am sure that we oftentimes have to take risks to reach a goal or we can say that things would not be that easy. The good thing about this is, we tried, it may not result to things we want but at least we tried and did our best – all the way we can, to achieve our goal. This will nullify this part of regret because we have the answer to our “what ifs”.


  • I might regret doing the things that I shouldn’t have.

"The Bean"

Even though we are still young, it doesn’t mean that we don’t care about the things that we have done when we were younger.  It is normal for a human being to commit mistakes because that is where we learn things to be better. That is how we mature and later on becomes a basis of how to handle and face life. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that we leave the tracks of the past because I am sure it will certainly hunt us in the future, for having said that committing mistakes are normal alongside with it comes having a conscience is also a part of being human. That is the good thing about now because we can still do something to clean and straighten those mistakes so let’s grab that opportunity to avoid having this regret.


  •  I might regret not using my TIME.


It’s simple, we still have the strength and we still have the time to explore and do all the things that we can do, maximize ourselves and enjoy life. Try to do it in a way that others would love to do it with us. This is what we call “harmony” – make our lives a living music, a living melody.


These are just simple thoughts that we might encounter as we go on in life,  give it a thought then we can say that a fulfilled life is a life achieved with minimal or less regrets and hopefully no regrets at all.

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2 Things To Consider Doing On Your First Date

I have been out of the dating scene for quite some time now, it’s because I already found my significant other and so I don’t have any reason at all to be looking for one. So this time around, I want to share with you guys(the dudes!!!) some ideas I have done when I was still dating and looking. I don’t consider myself a love guru nor a Casanova or even a “chick magnet” when I was still single, I am just an ordinary guy who wants to woo and leave a positive  impression to get that second date. Just to give you a heads up, these are all my personal thoughts and it is up to you guys if you will follow it or disregard it. Here are some things to consider doing on your first date:


  • Plan on where to go.

There are lots of places to go during your first date but let me ask you this, are you sure it is the right one? You would also have to consider some things like, time of your date, the type of person that you will be dating(at least have an idea of her likes and dislikes).


Let me give you some more ideas on this factor:


Coffee Date 1. Go to coffee shops like Starbucks, Coffee Bean, etc.

I doubt that someone would like to have a date early in the morning but this place works any time and all the time. This place has no pressure of impressing your date to the max and instead will give you both quality time to have a casual conversation and know each other pretty well. If ever that things don’t work out as expected, it is easy to end the date in a proper way and still remain friends. Let’s say it is a success and you get to enjoy each other’s company, having to take your date for a short walk would be the best way to do after.



Live music 2. Watch live music together.

I don’t mean to watch a live concert in a big dome or in a theater but instead watch a light, soft music like jazz or acoustic sounds in some restaurant. Usually this date happens at an early evening or late afternoon. If you can avoid a bar, much better because you don’t want to give your date the impression that you are trying to get her drunk on a first date. Soft music will set both of your moods to have a meaningful conversation and at the same time have fun relaxing. Again this setting will not give you any pressure because if ever you came to a point that you have nothing to say, there is the music to help divert her attention while you think of another thing to say.


Bowling Night - kompany vs Gaminside 3. How about playing a game like billiards or bowling.

You may think it’s not a first date material, well that’s the reason why you would want to do this option. Still don’t get it? Ok, here’s why – it’s fun, you get to have a casual conversation while knowing each other and in between pauses you get to talk about the game, and your date will always feel good because she will win whether she likes it or not.


If you will notice on my three things on where to go, it is always a factor to have no pressure and to always have fun because this will determine if she can tolerate you beside her and if you are a good company.


  • Know the things that you will say and do.

So you already have a place to go, now your concern is what will you say to keep her interested in having a conversation with you. Here is what you have to keep in mind always:


1. Never talk about yourself all the time unless she asked.

Let’s face it, most women always wants to talk about themselves and having a conversation all about you will give her the notion that you went on a date with yourself. My advice is just listen to her, give her your attention and just pitch in a few words but not be too much opinionated because you are there to have a date not to have a debate.


2. Many of you might react to this but for me, never be yourself.

I don’t mean to be a con-artist or a liar but let’s face it, it is a first date so your main purpose is to make her like you and give a good first impression to have that second date. So don’t be sloppy, lousy or self-righteous because that would definitely be a turn -off and might end your date right away.


Ice Cream Date Scene 3. Give compliments( tell her she’s nice, smart, pretty).

Everyone likes this, even you, so I don’t need to explain this except don’t overdo it. Remember – too much flattery can be a downfall for it will look insincere and fake.


4. Be spontaneous and unpredictable.

Women would want to have a date with a real person and not a robot. Choose which one will you be.


5. Don’t be too aggressive nor be too forward.

I didn’t say that be a gentleman because you will end up in the friend zone if you do this. “Just be good but not a saint” is all I can say.


6. Take initiative in taking care of the bill.

You might be surprised but some guys don’t do this. They even suggest that the girl pay the other half of the bill. This is an absolute NO-NO.


Kissing at Sunset 7. At the end of the date, always say that you had fun being with her and say Good Night, Good Day.

Try to reach out like giving a hug or kiss and never just leave her alone staring at your back after you say your goodbyes because she might think you are the one not interested for a second date. And besides, who would not like to have that gesture of affection?



So there you go, those are my tips on how to get past that first date and always remember that the date is not all about you, it is about her. Whether you like to do things your way but with regard to having a date, make it her way, besides it will only take you a few hours and you are the one who is trying to get that second date.

0 The Voice of the Philippines Surprising Auditions

A few days ago I was watching “The Voice of the Philippines” and I was really surprised to see Radha Cuadrado-Tinsay joined the audition. Like in my mind I was saying, does the Philippine version has guest appearance numbers while doing auditions? I learned later on that indeed she was part of the audition and was successful in joining Lea Salonga’s team.

Radha Tinsay ( image grabbed from thevoice.ABS-CBN.com)

image grabbed from thevoice.abs-cbn.com


For those of you that do not know, Radha is a professional singer and was part of the band “Kulay”. She’s the voice behind the song “Burn” and their band also sang one of the Pepsi commercial jingle. So she was a famous celebrity back then, indeed. Upon seeing her on the show’s audition, I became curious and did a little research if there were other Filipino celebrities that joined the audition for “The Voice of Philippines”. Here’s what I’ve found out, besides Radha, there is –  R & B singer Thor Dulay and Star Magic talent Guji Lorenzana.




I am not against with them joining the competition but I am just wondering, why do they need to join and battle against amateur, aspiring singers. I mean, it’s just that, what’s the point? I believe the platform and format of the show is to be mentored by one of the judges, and for them having albums and being known in the music industry, what is there to learn still? They even performed side by side with some of the judge-mentors and one of them (which was Sarah) even admitted that she was a fan of Radha. I just don’t get it, I am just thinking, will the amateurs be seen nor stand a chance against them? I then realized that it is a contest, so if you’re really great you will stay till the end and this will showcase if the pros deserves to be given a 2nd chance and if the amateurs can outshine the more experienced singers. I am sure this is going to be a great season for “The Voice of the Philippines”. You can leave a comment if you have thoughts to share.

The above post is my opinion only and I do not intend to degrade the persons mentioned nor influence the viewers of the show to side with my thoughts. This post if merely for opinionated discussion purposes only.

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0 Life After The Calendar, It’s Not As Bad As It Looks

“Life begins at 40”, I always wonder what’s the reason behind this phrase or is it even logical to believe in this. Is it just a state of mind that when you reach forty, it will be more lively, you will be more free? Or perhaps you are in self-denial because you know for a fact that you are getting old.

I am not forty yet but there comes a time that I even dreaded reaching the age of 30. Like what my friends say, “malapit na lumagpas sa kalendaryo”( almost exceed the calendar ). Why is that? Honestly, because I had this thought that I am getting old and I would not be able to do the things that I usually do like partying, hooking-up, drinking till you drop. I hate the thought of “sense of maturity will steal my fun”. I reached 30 and yes all those went away but I am still happy with my life right now because I have a family that makes me complete and I can still do the things that I want to do with the company of my friends even though it is on a different aspect. Turns out, It’s not bad after all!!! It’s a whole new different level but trust me, nothing to be dreaded about, nothing to be worried about. It is what I will call “an application from what I have learned when I was young”.

Now, I am in my mid-30’s and I am again on the thought of nearing forty but this time I am not afraid of it nor even in self-denial. I am just preparing myself to accept what is yet to come and even thinking of what to do when I reach that age. I know for a fact that I don’t want to be a “Dirty Old Man”, I just want to be a cool dude that is not trying hard and this time it will be “an application from what I have learned when I was a young-adult”.


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